PSAI 2014 Conference Programme

PSAI Annual Conference 2014

Updated 14/10/14: PSAI 2014 programme Final
Day 1: Friday 17 October

13:00: Registration Desk opens

14-15.30 Session 1

1. A Irish Politics 1 (Inishmore)

Chair: Bernadette Connaughton (UL)
Continuity and Change: Civil and Political Rights in (nearly) 100 years of Irish Democracy (Jennifer Kavanagh, WIT)
Evolving Electoral Strategies in Radically Altered Contexts: Longitudinal Evidence from the Dáil (Sean McGraw, University of Notre Dame)
Assessing the Impact of Societal Change on Governmental Representation (Stephen Erskine, TCD)

1.B Northern Ireland: international dimensions (Inishturk)
Chair: Niall O Dochartaigh (NUIG)
The Roman Observer: The Voice of the Holy See on Northern Ireland, 1969 -1998 (Giada Lagana, NUIG)
‘Not what was being said, but that it was said at all’: The significance of the 1977 Carter Statement for the Northern Ireland Peace Process (Alison Meagher, QUB)
Two sides of the same coin? Sinn Fein election campaigns in the North and South of Ireland (Henry Jarrett, University of Exeter)
A Beginning of the End? The Anglo-Irish Agreement and the Northern Ireland Peace Process(Michael Martin, NUIG)

1.C Participatory and Deliberative Democracy: Theory and Praxis (Inisheer)

Chair: Theresa Reidy (UCC)
Anarchism and Radical Participatory Democracy (Laurence Davis, UCC)
Politicians with citizens: the virtues of mixing deliberative and representative democracy in one institution (Jane Suiter, DCU, David Farrell UCD, Clodagh Harris UCC, and Eoin O’Malley DCU)
A reluctant partner? Conflicted public administration as a facilitator of citizen participation (Chris McInerney, UL)
Tea & Coffee

16.00-17.30 Session 2:

2.A Global Political Society (Inishmaan)
Chair: Dr Caitlin Ryan (UL)
Global Politics and the contested nature of Hegemony (Owen Worth, UL)
Religion and Global Civil Society: towards a transactional analysis approach (Lee Marsden, University of East Anglia)
How change happens: Actually existing resistance, spontaneity, and cumulative transitions (Karen M. Buckley, University of Manchester)
Tracing the Narrative of Hate in the Rising Greek Far-Right (Constantine Boussalis, Trinity College Dublin and Travis G. Coan, University of Exeter)

2.B Dominating Unionism (Inishturk)
Chair: Cera Murtagh (University of Edinburgh)
The Coming to Power of the DUP (Thomas Hennessey, Canterbury)
For God and Working-Class Loyalism? Religion, Secularism and Working Class DUP support (Jonathan Tonge, University of Liverpool and James W McAuley, University of Huddersfield)
‘There is no point just having a token woman.’ Barriers to female political representation in the Democratic Unionist Party (Sophie A Whiting, University of Liverpool and Maire Braniff, University of Ulster)

2.C Political Theory (Inisheer)
Nonviolent Action, Power and Political Change (Iain Atack, TCD)
Equality and the Right to Vote (Peter Stone, TCD)
The problem of social justice in Bertrand de Jouvenel’s Political Thought. (Gabriele Ciampini, University of Florence/Paris-Sorbonne University)
Consociationalism and dealing with past conflict (Dawn Walsh, University of Birmingham)
2.D. Publishing Workshop: Approaching academic publishers (Inishmore)

With Tony Mason, Manchester University Press.

18.00-19.00: 30th Anniversary of the PSAI: Celebration, Book Launch and Roundtable.

Book Launch: John Coakley and Jennifer Todd (eds) Breaking patterns of conflict: Britain, Ireland and the Northern Ireland question, Routledge
Roundtable with John Coakley (UCD), Steve Smith (APSA) & PSAI President David Farrell (UCD).


Day 2: Saturday 18 October

09.00-10.30 Session 3:
3.A Foreign Policy and International Relations (Inisheer)
Chair: Stacey Scriver (NUIG)
Social Movements, Civil Society and the Arab Uprisings (Vincent Durac, UCD).
How Do Entrepreneurs Make Foreign Policy? The Special Case of Dick Cheney (Charles Phillipe David, University of Quebec at Montreal).
Political Participation and the Internal Kurdish Diaspora in Turkey (Francis O’Connor, EUI)
True patriot love (or the last refuge of scoundrels?): The new new Canadian nationalism (Michael Kilburn, Endicott College)

3.B Re-examining the Roman Catholic Church’s Role in 20th C. Irish Politics (Inishturk)
Chair: Jonathan Tonge (Liverpool)
Vatican Foreign Policy and The Catholic Church in Ireland (James Cussen, UCC)
Bishop Michael Browne of Galway and anti-communism in mid-Twentieth Century Ireland (Gerard Madden, NUIG)
The Catholic Church and the Hunger Strikes of Terence MacSwiney and Bobby Sands (Maggie Scull, Kings College London)

3.C Republicanism, Power and the Constitution (Inishmaan)
Chair: Mark Haugaard (NUIG)
Neo-republican freedom and constitutional rights (Eoin Daly, NUIG).
Non-domination, agency and the structure of power (Daniel Savery, NUIG)
Republican Popular Control and the New Commonwealth Model of Constitutionalism (Tom Hickey, DCU)

3.D Remembering Conflict and educating for peace (Inishmore)
Chair: Deirdre McHugh (NUIG)
“…for it is a splintered story”: The motivations and purposes of oral histories of the Northern Ireland conflict. (Grainne Kelly, UU)
‘The effect of post-conflict political climate on the content and scope of oral history projects.’ (Adrian Grant, UU)
Learning for War, Educating for Peace: Prison Education and the Peace Process. (Cathal McManus, QUB)
Reassessing Bloody Sunday: Randall Collins’s Forward Panic Pathway to Violence and the 1972 Bloody Sunday Killings in Northern Ireland (Martin McCleery, QUB)

Tea & Coffee

11.00-12.30 Session 4:

4.A Gendering Politics and Political Discourse in the National and International Arena (Inisheer)
Chair: Fiona Buckley (UCC)
Abortion in Irish Foreign Policy (Niamh Reilly, NUIG)
Articulating Women: Rights, autonomy and political discourse in the 2012/13 abortion debates (Stacey Scriver, NUIG)
A lot done, more to do: Women and the 2014 local elections in the Republic of Ireland (Fiona Buckley, UCC, Adrian Kavanagh, NUIM and Claire McGing, NUIM)
When Quotas can do more damage than good – thinking about donor strategies on women’s local political participation in the DRC (Niamh Gaynor, DCU)

4.B Conflict and Divided Societies 1 (Inishmaan)
Chair: Dawn Walsh (University of Birmingham)
Social Protests in Bosnia & Herzegovina: The Potential of Cross-Ethnic Mobilisation in a Segmented Polity (Cera Murtagh, University of Edinburgh)
Transformation of minority identities: Serb community in the post-conflict society of Croatia (Christina Griessler, Andrássy University Budapest / netPOL)
Banning Cluster Munitions and Legitimising Western Military Power: Ireland’s Partnership with NGOs (Diana O’Dwyer, DCU).
Equal but Different: Discourses in the Social Relations of Irish Peacekeepers & Possibilities for Transformation (Shirley Graham, NUIM)

4.C Northern Ireland after the peace (Inishturk)
Chair: Rory Finegan
Theorising sectarianism and Northern Ireland (Chris Gilligan, University of West Scotland)
Cooperation Theory and the Northern Ireland Peace Process (Tim White, Xavier University)
Bridging the Practice-Theory Divide: Peacebuilding as Applied Phronesis in Northern Ireland? (Emily Stanton, UU)
Crime-Terror Nexus And Its Implications On Security: Insights From Northern Ireland (Daniela Irrera, University of Catania)

4.D Teaching and Learning (Inishmore)

Reconstructing the University Classroom: Teaching Skills to Political Science Students (Mary, C. Murphy, UL)
Teaching political science in Ireland: strategies, techniques and tools (Clodagh Harris, UCC)
Creating a Research Focused Curriculum (Jack McGuire, State University of New York, College at Potsdam)
12.30-13.30 Lunch: delegates make their own arrangements.

12.30-13.30 PSAI Specialist Group Business Meetings
Voters, Parties and Elections SG (Inishturk):
Guest Speaker Mark Shephard from Strathclyde University will give a seminar on the Scottish referendum during the meeting
Peace and Conflict SG (Inishmore)
Gender politics SG (Inisheer)
European Studies SG (Inishmaan)
13.30-14.30 Plenary: Peter Mair Memorial Lecture by
Prof. Donatella della Porta
‘Political cleavages in times of austerity’
14:45-16:15 Session 5:
5.A Northern Ireland, the Irish state and the North-South dimension 1 (Inishturk)
Chair: Jennifer Todd
Discussant: Elizabeth Meehan
An All-Ireland Perspective on Responses to Cultural Diversity (Katy Hayward, QUB)
Different Pathways – Shared Interests: Women’s Activism in Ireland, North and South (Melanie Hoewer, UCD)
Adjusting to Partition: Nationalist Opinion and the Future of the Irish Border (John Coakley, QUB)
Still a Country? Nation, State and Territory on the Island of Ireland (Niall Ó Dochartaigh, NUIG)

5.B Irish Politics 2: historical perspectives (Inisheer)
Chair: Jennifer Kavanagh (WIT)
A unique experiment in Idealism: Senate 1922-28 (Elaine Byrne, University of New South Wales)
‘New in time and circumstances but old in traditions and principles: The National League and the legacy of the Irish Parliamentary Party in the Free State. (Martin O’Donoghue, NUIG)
Gentry Inclusion via Class Politics? Comparing Two Southern Irish Cases under Native Rule (Tony Varley, NUIG)

5.C Representing the Past: Complicating History in Northern Ireland (Inishmaan)
Chair: Tim White (Xavier University)
On the Obfuscation of the Past (Aaron Edwards, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Civil Servants’ Memoir-writing and the Search for Political Stability (Stephen Hopkins, University of Leicester)
Community, the Past and the Arts: Policymaking as Synecdoche (Cillian McGrattan UU)

5.D Voters, Parties and Elections I (Inishmore)

Chair: Jane Suiter (DCU)
Lagging or Leading? Do online betting markets lead or follow opinion polls? (Matthew Wall, Swansea University, Rory Costello UL and Stephen Lindsay, Swansea University)
Class and Machines: To what extent is declining turnout uniform? Evidence from the 2009 and 2014 Local Elections (Eoin O’Malley DCU, Gary Murphy DCU, Shane Martin DCU)
Turnout and generational effects in reunified Germany: Testing ‘established’ and ‘new’ democracy differences (Derek Hutcheson, Malmö University SE and Stephen Quinlan GESIS Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences, Mannheim).

Tea & Coffee
16.30-18.00 Session 6:

6.A Northern Ireland, the Irish state and the North-South dimension 2 (Inishturk)
Chair: Niall Ó Dochartaigh
Discussant: Elizabeth Meehan
Looking Beyond the “Northern Ireland Model”: Lessons of Patience, Persistence, Pragmatism and Intergovernmentalism (Peter McLoughlin QUB)
Modelling Conflict and Instability in Ireland –North-South (Joseph Ruane, UCD)
North-South Institutions: Mainstreaming Gender Equality? (Yvonne Galligan, QUB)
Exploring North-South Inter-parliamentary Co-operation (Muiris McCarthaigh QUB and Mary C. Murphy, UCC)

6.B Media and Politics (Inisheer)
Chair: Kevin Bean (Liverpool)
Explaining why so few ‘celebrity journalists’ opt for political life (Kevin Rafter and Cáit Hayes, DCU)
Irish republicanism, internationalism activist media and the Internet (Paddy Hoey, Edge Hill University)
Derry, October 5th 1968 and Irish Television: The making of a turning point in history (Deirdre McHugh, NUIG)
News Media as Actors in European Foreign Policy Making (Paul Gillespie, UCD)

6. C. Contemporary Controversies in Northern Ireland (Inishmore)
Chair: Paul Dixon
Dirty peace or no peace at all: A defence of Labour’s handling of ‘On The Runs’ issue in Northern Ireland (Paul Dixon, Kingston University)
It won’t go away you know. What does the failure of Haass show? (Eamonn O’Kane, University of Wolverhampton)
Contemporary Debates among Republican Dissidents (Marisa McGlinchey, Coventry University)

6.D. Voters, Parties and Elections 2 (Inishmaan)

Chair: Eoin O’Malley (DCU)
Party organization and party cohesion (David Farrell, UCD and Conor Little, University of Copenhagen)
Parliaments without Parties (Liam Weeks, UCC)
A candidate-centred voting advice application for Irish elections (Rory Costello UL)
Electoral Administration in Ireland, a tale of policy sclerosis (Fiona Buckley UCC and Theresa Reidy UCC)

18.30-19.30 PSAI AGM
20.00 Conference Dinner
Day 3: Sunday 19 October
10.00-11.30 Session 7:

7.A Policies, Parties and Elections (Inisheer)
Chair: Brendan Flynn (NUIG)
Veto Players and Relational Distance; Enforcement in Irish Financial Regulation (Elaine Byrne, University of New South Wales)
Pushing water uphill? Navigating the reform of water policy in Ireland. (Bernadette Connaughton, UL)
Elections and Sovereign Debt: The European Crisis in a Wider Context (Iain McMenamin, Michael Breen, Juan Munoz Portillo)
Political parties’ climate policies in the UK, Italy and Denmark (Neil Carter, Robert Ladrech and Conor Little, University of Copenhagen)

7.B. Peace, conflict and splits in Ireland and the Basque Country (Inishmaan)
Chair: Niall O Dochartaigh (NUIG)
Two peace processes separated by a common language? Keywords in the Northern Irish and Basque peace processes (Kevin Bean, University of Liverpool).
The right to self-determination; Irish and Basque ‘dissidence’ (Marisa McGlinchey, Coventry University)
‘Agents of change’? The influence of informers and agents on Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) political strategy and British state policy in Northern Ireland, 1976 to 1994. (Thomas Leahy, Kings College London)
Choosing Sides: The Influence of Personal Trust on Organisational Affiliation in a Post-Split Environment. (John Morrison, University of East London).

Tea & Coffee

End of Conference

The Conference organisers Brendan Flynn, Niall O Dochartaigh and Stacey Scriver would like to thank Sandra Buchanan for her generous and valuable advice, Deirdre McHugh and Jonathan Heaney for their efficient involvement in the organising and Michael Martin, Giada Lagana and Cera Murtagh for their assistance before and during the conference. Thanks also to the PSAI executive committee, Taylor and Francis and the School of Political Science and Sociology at NUI Galway


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